friday favorites

by Nicole on April 20, 2012

I thought I’d add a new series to the blog where I share the things I’m currently in love with. Edition one, begin!

1. These avocado-mint candles from Anthropologie. $16 apiece, but SO WORTH IT. We’ve gone through three of them and I’m ready to buy another.

2. The Bollywood film Dhoom 2, available on Netflix Instant Watch. Because how cool are these dances:

Embedly Powered

Embedly Powered

3. This pumpkin oat bread. I haven’t actually made it yet, but I’m dying to.

4. The La Tartine Gourmande cookbook. The photography is stunningly beautiful, the recipes are super creative, and after making three things from the book in one week, I can tell you the food is really, really good!

5. Drinking Topo Chico. I always want a “fun” drink at dinner after drinking nothing but water all day and having a Topo Chico with a squeeze of lime is perfect! But it makes me burp a lot.

  • Jess

    I want to get one of those candles, avocoda-mint sounds awesome!! Have you tried any of the other ones?

  • Nicole

    Yes, we’re ADDICTED to that brand of candles. We also have Sweet Olive Blossom (swap it out with avocado & mint in our living room), Citron & Basil (for the kitchen), and Coconut Milk Mango (for our bedroom). I smelled the Fig & Mint recently too, but we didn’t get that one. They’re all really clean-smelling and not over-powering at all.