a randomly epic post.

by Nicole on February 11, 2012

Guess what…I RIPPED MY PANTS TODAY AT WORK! I was in the bathroom stall and my hips/back were hurting, so I started doing some stretches. As I went into a deep squat, I suddenly heard a loud riiiiiiiiiiiip and found that the area where my butt pocket connects to the jeans had a three-inch tear. Luckily the part that ripped had some extra fabric so my booty wasn’t exposed, but still! A friend I’ve known since second grade remarked, “That story is just so…you.” Reminds me of this song from Spongebob:


Anyway, let’s top off the randomness with random happenings and stuff I’m liking lately:

Three songs I’m pretty much obsessed with:

“Somebody That I Used to Know” Gotye

“Sailor Song” First Aid Kit

“Hard Believer” First Aid Kit

And here are some delicious meals we made in the past couple of weeks:

Our quick version of beans and rice–jasmine rice cooked in our rice cooker, canned black beans doctored with herbs and green onions, avocado, and a ton of sriracha. Super quick, cheap, delicious, and not too bad for you. Ever since we got our rice cooker, we’ve been making something like this pretty much every week. P.S. Like my spoon? It actually has Keroppi on the end! I got it from a frozen yogurt place and now I want a million more!

Pretzels from Slow Dough Bread Co., cheddar-beer dip, Italian sausages, and beer!

This amazing black bean, cabbage, and winter squash soup. When I first saw the recipe on one of the blogs I read, it sounded really strange but I decided to give it a try anyway because I was convinced by the gorgeous photos. It’s delicious!

S’mores bars! Seriously, these were so good we polished off the pan in like three days without even sharing. This would be super fun to make for summer potlucks too!

Some kind of fun pasta shape that we actually bought at Target (surprisingly really good pasta), mixed with a bunch of random stuff from our fridge–two kinds of kale, green onions, sprouting broccoli, cheddar, and creme fraiche. We haven’t made pasta in a long time and it was really shocking to me how much pasta came out of one pound of noodles. We have so many leftovers!

This meal looks like some kind of weird Cooking Light meal or something, but it was really good! Darius made some awesome Asian meatballs with ground beef, green onions, ginger, lemongrass, thai chiles, soy sauce, fish sauce, mirin, etc. Plus some barely-sauteed snow peas (so sweet since it’s their first week in season!) and some basic jasmine rice cooked in the rice cooker. This was quickly covered in sriracha and inhaled.

Buttermilk roast chicken (that we grilled instead), Italian sausages, spicy coleslaw, sweet potato fries with sriracha-ketchup, and Pimm’s cups! We had so much food because we thought siblings were coming over, but it turned into a meal for two… Which was honestly totally cool with us because we ended up eating all 5 drumsticks and a sausage link by ourselves! The chicken is seriously some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Make it. And definitely do the 48 hour buttermilk brine.

Sweet new shoes I bought:

I’ve been wearing flats for years and they’ve started making my arches hurt like crazy so I bought some good supportive shoes from Keen. And bonus, they’re cute!

Movies we saw in theaters recently:

We Need to Talk About Kevin–I don’t even want to describe this movie. I just want to tell you to GO SEE IT RIGHT THE EFF NOW! I loved, loved, loved it and came out of the theater a huge ball of emotions. Haven’t had that happen since “Tree of Life”, but I liked this one way better. Five out of five! Oh, and I loved it so much that I’m reading the book now (also AWESOME so far). I think I need to see this in theaters again already.

Haywire–To me, this was meh. I was pretty excited about this one, since it look comparable to “The Girlfriend Experience”, which I really enjoyed. But really, it was just plain meh, like 2.5 out of 5. The issue to me was the screenwriting…the plot was fine, the action was great, the acting was good, etc. The story just felt like it could have been told in a much better way than it was actually told.

Hmm…what else…well, we’re re-watching Deadwood right now, and it’s even better the second time.

Oh, and we finished season 4 of Breaking Bad several weeks ago. SO. GOOD. Definitely my favorite dramatic show of all time. My thoughts are that Breaking Bad is like a well-written bestselling novel and Deadwood is like a good piece of classic literature. Breaking Bad is fun and entertaining and easy to digest, while Deadwood is slower and harder to understand, but the story and characters feel so fulfilling in a different way. You really need both types to feel complete!

Oh, and we bought passes to Fantastic Fest in September! I’m so freaking excited I wish I could literally fast-forward through the next eight months! We’ve gone to the Austin Film Festival every year for the past five years, but it’s seemed kind of lame to us the last two times. Most of the really good movies will be released eventually anyway (or are just retarded, like “Butter”) and lately, it seems harder to find the little gems. So what do you do? Go to a festival for “genre folk” instead…a.k.a. horror, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, foreign stuff, etc.! So many good films have been shown at FF in recent years (including the one I raved about in this post, “We Need to Talk About Kevin”), so I CANNOT wait.

One more thing to leave you with:

This song will probably be stuck in your head for days now. It’s been stuck in mine, only I mess up the words and sing “A MODERN MUSTANG!” and that’s about it…

Anyway, it’s the weekend! Hooray!

  • Libby

    We were actually pleasantly surprised with Haywire, but we went into it not really knowing anything about the movie. We saw The Grey last night and were also pleasantly surprised by it. Really good. But in our city, those are also considered the artsy movies!

    Love your shoes! I have a weakness for Mary Janes, so anything that is a Mary Jane style is cute to me.

    Still wish you could do all my cooking. Makes me really hungry for yummy food to read your blog!

  • Nicole

    I really want to see The Grey too!

    Haywire was okay to me, but I hated the way the first half of the story was told to that guy she stole the car from. Just didn’t make that much sense for the character to do that, in my opinion, and I feel they could have done it differently/better somehow. Go see “We Need to Talk About Kevin” if it’s playing near you!

    Yes, I also have the Mary Janes weakness! As soon as I saw these, I instantly wanted them. And they are super comfy and supportive too, so I feel like I could wear them walking all around town and would feel fine. I saw bright yellow and pink ones too, but not in my tiny size.